Building a Cash Cow and Going on Autopilot with your Domain Name Portfolio

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You know how many domain names you have in your portfolio, but how does sell-through rate and average sales price affect your yearly profit? That’s the question we answer in today’s video as we discuss DNAcademy’s Business Model Calculator.

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Muhammad Shahid says:

Man can you make a step by step video on how to sell a domain name through escrow.

Ron Freitag says:

You guys don’t do your weekly pow wow anymore?

Cathy A says:

I really like this new business model calculator.

Hafiz Muhammad Zahid says:

Hello, Michael Cyger. Can we list our domain on Sedo and Afternic MLS program at the same time?

Ted Stalets says:

Great Tool. Thanks!

Zorba Media says:

Thank you, Michael Cyger — that was informative and entertaining.

GV Pondycherry says:

Hi Mike, where have you been so long!
Happy to see another video to learn from you…

Crypto Kush says:

Your course is bit expensive for new commers…

Petar Mitrić says:

Very good! 🙂

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