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Can you still make a decent profit purchasing and re-selling domains in 2018? The simple answer is, DAMN RIGHT YOU CAN!

In this video I speak on my past success buying and selling domains, and share with you some of the top places to buy and sell in 2018.

Where To Buy Domains:

Where to Sell Domains (or Websites)

Appraise a Domain:

20 Most Expensive Domains of All Time:

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CarryGoo says:

I came across this domain name. I want to buy it cool?

Benjamin ! says:

icloud sold for just 6mil in 2011. wow.
Thanks Chris, my uncle makes a living doing this, I'm going to start.

Gianfranco Calabretta Sesin says:

My site: ✌🏽


great video! I signed up for hosting last night and got a free domain name. the one I picked, I looked up the value later at it was estimated at $400! How accurate are those estimates do you think?

Lakshit Rana says:

Does the extension matter like if we buy .world .int etc etc

Prathap Rudra arts says:

Can u help me with the tips to sell my domain just a beginner wanting to be a successful domainer.

mahmut reis says:

To sell, can I put one domain to sedo, flippa, dan, godaddy etc. at same time?
So it has more chance for my domain to seen by a buyer

Thomas Duffy says:

Dear Chris: I hope you are OK because your last comment was a year ago. Anyhow, as the people below are saying, a great seminar for free. I have a trove of URLs built up over the years — totally unintentionally. GoDaddy's algorithm says they are worth $90K. To get full value (or more), I'd need someone like you. Give me a call. I think the webmaster can write back to his commenters.

LIVE UPDATES says: for sale on sedo you can start from 100

Urban Aqua says:

DO NOT USE GODADDY. Once you search for a domain they buy it and try to sell it back to you. happened to me numerous times!

Artak Kololyan says:

Choose your domain names with HayHost

Lisa Hlavinka says:

Thank you! I had no idea I could be using my SEO skillz that way.

Aarav Dogra says:

To sell your domains list them on the GoDaddy Auction, they gain lots of recognition.

Queen B says:

Thanks a lot for this video, very educating

Will Beecher says: could have fetched you 250K

Garrett White says:

Anyone want to buy my domains?,,

natanel נתנאל says:

Hey i have if someone here are event contractor
I'm open to negotiation, just throw a price on the site and I'll get back to you right away

yadlapalli bhargavi says:

Sell domainnames @ as well, we are charging lowest success fee in the industry

Ejiga Caleb001 says:

Really a Great video, I want to buy two domains for the first time in this January 2020… Can I get any of your social handles for directions?

Kenobi Krukru says:

I love this video. Can you appraise these domain names for me?

I have listed them for sale

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