Cold Email Review #2 (Horrible Chinese Domain Provider)

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I’m diving into 2 cold emails that I’ve recently received from Chinese domain listing organization and I point out mistakes and make some suggestions.

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They are both terrible SPAM emails and I’ll show you a better way to write your cold emails and avoid cold email mistakes.

Let me know, if this is the type of content you’d like to see in the future videos.

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Cold email is part of the outbound sales channel, however it’s one of the most underrated strategies for sales. I’m sharing with you my excel file, where I fill out al the necessary details for sending cold emails.

How to send cold emails that work is a tough experiment. Usually it comes down to your ability to collect data and put them in a spreadsheet, that makes sense.

Best sales emails are the ones, that are very specific and not self-serving.

You can check out this video, if you’re interested in the first sentence, and how we write it for our best sales emails:

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