How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for a Profit

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00:41 – Tip #1: Narrow your focus
02:24 – Tip #2: Find domains that offer value
04:12 – Tip #3: Is the domain available?
04:53 – Tip #4: Evaluate the price
06:11 – Tip #5: Get your domain name seen!

Buying and selling domain names is an exciting adventure that for some seems to conjure up images of finding hidden pirate treasure or guessing the winning combination on the next Powerball. Stories abound of domains that were purchased for $8 dollars 15 years ago being sold today for millions. Of course, that leads the more adventurous of us to wonder, “How can I do that?”

These five tried-and-true tips for buying and selling domain names for a profit can navigate you to becoming an expert.

1. Narrow your focus

Think about some of the spaces you are most familiar with and start your domain name search based on the related keywords. It is much easier to sell a domain you know would be valuable to someone in a particular industry. Understand your audience and the sales will eventually follow. You can keep a domain for 10 years before having to renew it and still sell at a considerable profit. While you are waiting for it to sell you can monetize the domain and throw in some SEO, which in turn can justify the cost to the buyer.

2. Find names that offer real value

Picture someone who would benefit from buying the domain in a space you are very familiar with. If this was you and someone was trying to sell you this name, would it be beneficial for you to own? Be honest.

3. Check domain availability

Now that you have narrowed down what names you should probably be buying, how do you find them? First, check to see if the names are available to purchase as new registrations. If the names are taken (as many probably will be), head over to the aftermarket to buy from people who already own the names or who let them expire because they no longer plan on using them.

4. Evaluate the price

Once you have a name in mind, how do you know if the price is fair? For a buyer, if you see a domain that you HAVE TO HAVE, snap it up as fast as you can. That might mean making an offer rather than waiting for the auction to end (if that is an option from the seller). You may be able to avoid a bidding war and still get it for a price within your budget. For a seller, stay firm on a price but also open your auction up for offers above a certain price. Also look for businesses with a similar domain or businesses that would like to acquire your domain because it reflects their branding.

5. Get your domains front and center

It’s important to feel confident that you will get paid and that the buyer will get the domain name they paid for. Pick a place that has good ratings with recognized bodies such as the Better Business Bureau or licensing from a trusted government source. This will make it easier for the buyer to pull the trigger on the domain purchase as well knowing they can trust the brand that is selling the domain.

All of these things will help you to be a smarter investor and make the most of your time and money. Patience and persistence are key when buying and selling domain names. Buying and selling domain names is a skill in which you can become proficient. With these five tried-and-true tips, you will soon be on your way to making profits in the domain name world.

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mahmut reis says:

I have listed my domains at and
I am not sure If they are good companies to sell my domains or not
Maybe I should try Godaddy.
Some of my domains listed recently at those companies: / / / / / / / /

N P says:

Thanks for the content. Godaddy Appraisal is such a great reference point, I usually price my domain at 60/70% of the appraised value and in most cases, I end up selling the domain in 5-6weeks. My favorite strategy is buying a domain from premium domain from and quickly flipping it on Godaddy Auctions.

Marc encore says:

anyone who successfully sold their domain names and received bucks via

Amed Ostoura says: I won't sell it for less than 1M euros! (JK :D)

SimplNEWS says: serching for a buyer

gary roach says:

Just bought Sort of hope it sells for millions….

Izlude Tingel says:

selling $2500, had it for years, used it as a forwarding address for years for different sites…

Z Phish says:

Between my business account, and my personal account, I own around 400 domains. I'm not interested in selling them if I can make $10 a year to cover the costs.

NJTV says:

just got – is that good? sold for 3000 USD.

Seleem Abuzid says:

i have a question .. how much i should sell my domain name

American Detail Pros says:

Just bought

OG1USA says:

Promo for GD services… #1 to know is, are you just a squatter or are you legit because the overall end sale/offer… Domains are a global racket sanctioned by ICANN. Period. Do not waste money buying a lot of crappy TLDs. Period.

Peter Black says:

I watching this 🙂

Video Helix LLC says:

Much like the stock market, people lose money by not starting slow and understanding the way it works. The more you learn and get experience, the better the investments and payoff. There's nothing wrong with investing in digital properties, but it can be risky if you are trying to make a fast buck

Mason Curry says:

"How to be a domain squatter for a profit"

Zorba Press says:

Thank you very much, this is an excellent overview about a complicated business.

WE agency says:

"Winning the powerball"… yeah let's talk about how much money you will lose while trying to sell domains 'for profit'.

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