How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

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Today I am talking about how to choose a perfect domain name for your startup. Your domain name should follow 3 rules. Watch to find out those 3 rules + bonus tips on how you can come up with funky and memorable names.


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Vlad Kachur says:

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Miroslav Glavić says:

I disagree. my domain is my first name & last name. 14 characters. Everyone knows me by my name.


buy ( from godaddy. A perfect domain name for food business , food mart, food companies. " " could be a perfect fresh brand name for any type of food business.

MOH.A. ADAM says:

How good are these domains?
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The Blog Of Tech says:

great video Vlad and love the accent!

Politic Line says:

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Women Love Power says:

womenlovepower is my domain and my trademarked brand name and it's worked incredibly well for me for years. I think there are exceptions to the 10 character rule.

abc says:

"" would be quite funny, haha…

Soft N Technologies says:

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Grace con says:

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Hossein a says:

Domains starting with Q. looks not to pass phone test. 🙁

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