How to Find Great, Short Domain Names! – Choosing an URL and Store Name

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Johnny FD says:

What was your favorite domain name generator site that you found and used? Any luck finding a great name?

google sucks says:

Thanks fighter-divemaster; learned some more stuff i didnt know i didnt know!

Jacob I The Jen Group says:

JFD paves the way once again. Thanks a bunch!

Marty McLeod says:

Also one thing to consider is changing the nouns in domain idea slightly like by adding an "ly" or plural ("s", "ies"), and various things like that. It can really help, or at least jog your mind for new domain ideas, too.

Pubbets! says:

JFD with another value bomb! Thanks man

Brad Beckett says: is the best domain registrar I've ever used.

Thomas says:

Jonny still don't receive any emails, from the dropshiplab? Has anyone else had problems?

SocialBounty Money Making App says:

hello there friend! AdYP

Marty McLeod says:

Great stuff! The thesaurus idea is really good. I also make a shortlist of domain ideas I've brainstormed and verified are available at, then come back the next day and pick what I think works best.

Laura Ogle says:

Before this video, I created a 15-letter domain name (before the .com) that I thought sounded great. I heard you mention that you want to stick with under something like 11(?) characters because it would be "cut off" on certain things. I'm curious what applications/ads would be getting cut it off usually?

Argenys Peralta says:

Hey Johnny. I was wondering if you can do a more in depth video similar to your Aliexpress video. With a live demo on how does it works once you’re approved by a manufacturer & you’re working with them. Like do they email you catalogs or photos with prices which you upload to your Shopify or is it like a special website you get access to since they authorized you to be a dealer. How do you know if the item on your website is even in stock in their Warehouse? Just a walkthrough in that area. Thanks for all the work you’re putting into this. Also posted this question in the Facebook group incase you see it there first.

Travis Luedke says:

I keep wondering what you spiked your coffee with…. Can't see the label on the bottle. LOL.

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