How To Make Money Online With Domain Flipping! (4 BEST WAYS)

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Learn how to make money online by flipping domains with these 4 awesome methods!
My Favorite Ways To Make Money below!
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Part 1 of this video:

If you want to make money then watch this video. I take you through 4 methods you can use to flip domains online and earn some cash while doing it.

Flipping domains online is a create way to make money for beginners. Earning money online isn’t hard if you follow the right tutorials!

This is how you flip domains for a profit!




*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only.


Chris Killian says:

Does Franklin hatchet have courses on this subject

Chris Killian says:

If I buy a website do I have to manage it or how does it work?

Kaspars Folkmanis says:

Aren't domain names paid-for annually? So it's like renting. I pay a price every year to continue owning a domain name. Is it so?

Ifti Neel says:

do you still need hosting if you just are flipping the domain name

PabloPips says:

Too slurrrpy for me but thanks anyway

Sok Khung says:

Hi Franklin
Does this take a bit long to get a first sale ?

syed ali says:

How to sell a domain for free? every domain website is charging money to sell a domain lol

Dr Ademiso says:

got paid $11,000 from using welfarehacks,wordpress,com

Kenny Hoang says:

Ask him to show the domains that he sold. Haha

natasha kozo says:

There is nothing that is new in this video,everyone know about those sites,but domains still-don't sell.

Marc.2377 says:

Domain flipping is a disgusting practice.

Batman Realoo says:

what About just buying from Google Domains ?

Reviews for Busy People says:

Hey Franklin.. Great video,.some very valuable information. Refreshing to find someone like yourself. Cheers from Canada.

Tamz Hamz says:

awesome video! once you sell this starter website, how do you transfer the actual website to the new owner?

MizzChocs says:

I registered a one word domain…in a blossoming industry…I'm wondering what I can get for it…🙆

Shaikha AlAbry says:

If you put your affiliate links in a website will thy continue to promote knowing the y don’t benefit

Jay B says:

Your tip @10:53 is very good. Because allot of people trying to register a domain just do a quick search to find if its avail or not. If its not then they just try something else. But by prospecting possible buyers you can get around that problem.

numberplate guy says:

Domain name flippers will be and up and coming job because their are loads of domain name investors that have domain name portfolios but either can't or don't want to do find prospective buyers etc and or list on auction Etc

I like the finding domain names based on my tech venture ideas etc and I like buying the domain names of my tech venture ideas etc but I have no interest in selling them

But domain name flipping etc is selling your own domain names But domain name brokers are becoming popular at the moment but most brokers only want to sell one word. Cons Eg the top 1% of domains etc

There is a real market for people to broker the domain names of others Eg for say 10% of sales price etc

But it's finding people that can do that etc

numberplate guy says:

I buy domain names But can't sell for toffee lol

Loreen Bond says:

great flippng van higly wonderful

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