How To Make Money Selling Domain Names (With Earnings Proof from $14.22 to $2,000)

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In this video, I will share to you how to make money selling domain names. This video shows what is domaining and how you can sell domain names. I will also share here where you can learn and study domaining, where you can register domain names and the ways where you can sell your domain names.

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πŸ”΄ Music:
1. Good Life – JayJen & Roa [Audio Library Release] Β· Free Copyright-safe Music…

πŸ”΄ Resouces:
1. What is a domain name?

2. Bat Giphy

πŸ”΄ Learn Domaining Links:
1. Namepros

Namepros daily registration thread:

Namepros reported completed domain sales thread:

2. DomainSherpa

3. Namebio Daily Market Report

4. DNJournal

5. Ricks Blog

πŸ”΄ Domain Name Registrars
1. Namesilo

2. Dynadot

3. Namecheap

4. Porkbun


πŸ”΄ Domain Name Marketplaces

2. Sedo


4. Afternic

5. Flippa





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