How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy

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Ready to make it official and register your domain name? GoDaddy Guide Eric shows you how to get your domain up and running.

In this video, you’ll learn:
– How to register your domain name with GoDaddy
– The benefits of registering your domain with GoDaddy

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The God-Emperor of Mankind says:

Hi does it make a difference if i buy the ecommerce plan which is 25 dollars if I'm going to make my website in shopify? Or will the cheapest godaddy domain name suffice?

Edge Dancer’s Drawings says:

why am I not getting a GoDaddy code

AMW N&J says:

Now that we purchase our domain should it be a additional charge to register it so it list on google , bing , yahoo and etc. ??

James Wedge says:

It says it only costs 99p but everything adds up the privacy policy, how long you can keep the domain and an email address so whats the point if your trying to start a business and your not rolling in cash is there anyway of paying up front?

Disappear says:

Why do I have to pay an extreme amount of money when it says £0.99 but when I wanna check out it's a whole different number?

hsnsfrl says:

What happens next? How do we add it to our website?

Danielle Andrade says:

does it matter if the url is ending with .com ? or what are the different meanings for the end

Marlon Hosten says:

Where do you put in a discount coupon code if you have one ?

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