Internet Domain Name Sold For $872,320,000

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What are the most expensive domain names that ever sold? What domain names have sold for millions upon millions of dollars?

It’s not always easy getting the domain name you want, especially if it’s one of what are called generic top-level domains. That might be something ending with .com, .org., edu, .net. or .info. We just searched online to see if we could get and we were told it’s a premium domain and would cost over $31,000. You buy a domain name from what’s called a registrar, and they reserve those names from registries. But if you wanted to buy, that would only set you back $4.99. We were told that in the first quarter of 2018, there were 333.8 million top level domain name registrations. Getting the name you want might not be easy, or might be expensive, as we just found out with our Today we’ll see who paid the most though, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold.

First of all, if you’re wondering why .com domains can be so expensive, it’s just a matter of buying the best real estate. Brands are often most recognizable as .coms and it is a .com that will make your brand most visible in searches. As Forbes says, “Using a .com is the most authoritative way of guaranteeing your site will be found, along with providing other useful content around your brand.” It’s not just about being found, either, having a .com business gives it inherent value.






The Infographics Show says:

Does a domain name make a good investment? Have you ever bought or sold one?
+ Have you ever made money by selling something virtual?

Zoomzam III says:

This is goodn info but bis there3 any info on how or where these domains
were sold?

Amit Bijlani says:

I have domain on sale : @t

Wagner Lana da Paz says:

sell basedealcantara


If only I had a time machine.

filitico says:

can the idiot voiceover guy read the script properly or what? 9 hundred ninety nine million? really?

Malau says:

Clickbait title. Reported.

Roemon .C says:


Helen McGee says:

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Paul simson says:

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David luis says:

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Om prakash bhatt says:

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TeamMoRoCcanFiGhTers says:

4:50 you cannot resell domains immediately because it's have 60 day lock period.

Hasin Raihan Dhrubo says:

6:14 it's 9.99 Million not 999 Million.

Unknown Stupidness says:

Y no cornhub!

Gamer girl says:

Who heard 2089?

Raadwan Masum says:

Someone count how many times he said "dot com" in this video.

McCarthy Kane says:

How to you buy a domain name (versus lease from GoDaddy)?

Ron 2shoes says:

Companies grab all the internet name for pennies to block anyone else from using them. Then sell them for huge profits. Like I looked at the name NPP (for non partisan polls) and found out that a chinese company owned the rights to it and will give it up to me for 56,000 dollars. They aren't using it, It is just one of the hundreds of thousands of possible names they took over to make a killing on.
It stinks.

Garvin Benjamin -G LION says:

Australia vs New Zealand do it

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