Mark Zuckerberg's Biggest Regret: Not Buying the Domain Name

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When asked what he would do differently during an interview with Y Combinator’s Jessica Livingston at Startup School in 2009, Mark Zuckerberg was quick to mention he would “get the right domain name.”

It’s a mistake Zuckerberg has repeatedly mentioned and one that entrepreneurs and startup founders should learn from.

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DJcyberslash says:

Great video!

Leo Matin says:

I found a huge amount of my domains sold due to suppplie and demand through a simple tool; google trends..

Darrion Lee says:

It's legal to buy local business domains if they haven't already bought them? I live in a non innovative area and I see a lot of the business near me haven't bought their exact business domains ….please help!!!

MultiECommerce says:

Thank you, Michael, for your great video, valuable information that I will use to convince my future domain names prospect buyers.

Bobby says:

Mark Zuckerberg sucks!!!

Paul Mc says:

Great post Michael. Just shared it on LI – this is something that all start-ups and businesses planning to set up new entities really need to pay strategic attention to.

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