No Risk Brandable Domain Name Investing

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You can build a brandable domain name portfolio, list your brandable domain names at a leading marketplace, and get paid when a brandable domain name sells – without risking any of your own money while you learn.

Written by Aline Carriere, DNAcademy Teaching Assistant

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Archvaldor's Warcraft Hacks says:

You might want to dial back on the cheese mate, your intro almost caused me to click off before you got into solid information (which I appreciated).

Buddhi Raj Sharma says:

The presentation is wonderful; very clear and to the point. I am going to try domain names. Thanks a lot


Great video DNAcademy thanks for sharing!!

Brad Wagner says:

Michael, I found a DN that is one word, non-brandable, sort of a medical term, short and simple enough. But it's not google searched very often. Is it still a good investment? Thank you sir.

Ayoub Oubliha says:

Maaan I love you, amazing tips

Abhishek Kumar Jha says:

I want to get into DnAcademy but I don't have the funds currently. I'll find a way.

Petar Mitrić says:

Mike, this is TOP quality video (as always!). 10/10. A better content and presentation than this is impossible. Thank you very much! 🙂 NOW is time for me to take an action on brandables territory!
(DNAcademy student here)

Steven Dragoo says:

Michael – awesome short spot-on vid! Is this in the training modules too?

Nathaniel Alarcon says:

Great video Michael thanks for sharing!!

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