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Chinese Domain Market Report Oct.31th Top sale:, sold at ¥288000 CNY;, ended with¥258,888 CNY; ……
Icann gives Chinese domain names approval in a move that marks a ‘significant change’ for Chinese language users worldwide.
網絡世界一直被英文主導,特別是搜尋及域名更是以英文為先,今次.Asia推出中文域名正好讓中文主導的亞洲社會,有了更親切及更屬於自己的互聯網。English has been dominating the internet world for a long time – from searching for information to typing a domain name, English is the most popular language for netizens. .Asia’s newly launched Chinese IDN domain [More]
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The .vip domain name has broken records in China. Why and How? Our friend and expert on doing business in China, Simon Cousins, explains.
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