Small Business Ideas – 2K Week Domain Flipping?

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Looking for a small business idea with almost zero start-up costs? Take a look at domain flipping. Real world strategies to start your own small business from home by becoming a domain flipper.

Back in 1996 Rick Schwartz, aka the Domain King) registered the domain name He ended up selling that domain name for 1.3 million. In 1997 he bought an adult domain for $42,000, that seller had just bought that domain for $5k the week before so the first seller made $37,000 in 7 days, With that domain Schwartz over the years made over $10 million through parking and redirects, if you dont know what that is we’ll tell you shortly, and he eventually sold the domain for over 8 million. Rick, smart guy, good guy in my opinion, has always stated on his website that domains are like real estate, they are limited in amounts and will increase as demand goes up. So far he has been right. Today the domain king sits on an estimated 500 million dollars of domain names.

So how can you make money flipping domains as a small business? First, find a place where you can search and register domains. I like because they have a ton of extensions available in addition to dotcom. You can also use Godaddy. First think of a name……(continued in video)

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Shekh Alam says:

Excellent tutorial, thanks

segun Daniel says:

I'm currently have and so i believe one day it would be sold good amount of dolls


i came across this premium domain on Godaddy ( is it ok?

Richard Saupe says:

I've just started buying domains… just need to sell some now… Great advice, just what I needed 🙂

David Sullivan says:

Another question sorry.. how can we tell if we have a domain that could generate money via ads and click through while we wait to sell? Is there a website that we can register with?

David Sullivan says:

I found out yesterday by godaddys appraisal tool that my domains i got just to start a business.. for ideas are valued at over £7000 for all!! Can we buy domains that are available like the guy did at even if you find out they have a website?

Steven Vanderheide says:

panic rooms? do you mean escape rooms?😂

Connor O'Dea says:

exact match domains still make a huge difference with the new panda update… That is not true about exact match not making a difference. The Google "Panda" update makes SPAM content with exact match domains non-relevant… however, good quality content websites that have exact match domains ABSOLUTELY get a huge boost in rankings

Suraj Raina says:

I have a website Interested people can dm me.

viswanath s says:

www for sale

viswanath s says: domain available for sale.
If anyone want this domain name go to and buy

B AJ says:

Selling “” on Sedo – auction ending soon – check it out!

Ali Hassaan says:

I have a good portfolio of highly brand able 4 and 5 letter premium domains. I am now in process of launching a new domains marketplace where everyone can come and sell their domains. Some of my domains have been appraised by godaddy such as for $50000 and $14500. This is surely a good business if done with the right research.

Jugad Technologies says:

Would you help me sell my domain name?

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