What is a Domain Name? – A Beginners Guide to How Domain Names Work!

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If you’re looking for the answer to what is a domain name and how does it work? – You’re going to love this video.

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magical70s says:

The background music is really really annoying.


thanks for explanation

praveen tanwar says:

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Jinal Bhuptani says:

I really love the way you speak and explain. This makes it so much easier to understand. Keep it up mate!🙌

Stephen One says:

thanks for explaining Dale

sudden inspirations says:

if i am looking for answers to how other things work (related to domain) may i ask them here?

BbayuGt says:

IP adress is your house coordinates
Domain is like your house street name, house number, etc

Grace Serenata says:

thankyouuuu sooo much for making videos like this for free 😭 your page is super helpful 😭👍🏻

La loupe de William says:

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Premium Domain Names says:

nice video…. i tried to buy a domain name .. finally searching many places and i have found my one at daaz.com , i got my name for startup in few hours time..

Andrew Effiong says:

great video, it has really helped me alot. Great illustration as well

Lala Palloza says:

great video. Loved it. checkout my site here:

Theresa Merlin says:

Great video, easy to learn from.

K.S. Fahim says:

where I can complain about domain servers ??

Yustian Maulana says:

Thankz for the video.. very inspiring 🙂

hapi koala says:

Not being rude, but your upper face (mostly eyes and area around eyes) looks deepfake

Khair says:

So, I buy a domain name first before I get a website from square space?

Siddharth Magadum says:

Good video. But there is too much of background noise.

Youssef HEGAZY 2 says:

Do I have to purchase with wix.com

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