Where To List Your Domain Names So Buyers Find Them

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Full show notes: https://www.dnacademy.com/where-to-list-your-domain-names-so-buyers-find-them

Impulse buying applies to domain names, so set up your for-sale landing pages with buy-it-now prices, give users an easy way to check out, and make sure your domain names are found on all the major marketplaces and registrars.

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Aristeidis Lykas says:

What about dan.com?

D L Johnson says:

Just found and subscribed to your channel. Good information. I just got into domain name purchases through Repeat Payments and came across some names that I need to sale. A couple of names have an appraisal of over $900 each. Thanks again.

Sanni Adetola says:

Do i have to get a twitter handle for the domain i want to sell, and how

Sandeep Boparai says:

Why don't you guys create one ( a platform)?

Leo Matin says:

I have found the best way for me was to sell stupidly cheap my domain names/maybe too cheap because I hate to not sell it lol..Appraisal is 2500.00 I have sold for $500.00 and turned around and have seen it on go daddy for $2 g and I guess just likes to wait it out….I have got to have way more patience.

Lee Mack says:

Very interesting subscribed

Flávia Chini says:

ZFBot does not offer any free service anymore?

Numan Ahmed says:

Have you forgotten about flippa.com, sedo, afternic and so much more

shitpostistan tv says:

I use Undeveloped.com. Listed 500 domains in one click, and got a few offers a few days later.

soujanya reddy says:

Can I sell new domain within a month

wamu lume says:

Thank you for the video.
After following the Domain industry I have decided to get my feet wet. Registered a brandable domain and listed it… then NOTHING!!! it is lost in the thousands of domain names in the marketplace. Tried contacting a broker but the REALISTIC market value would not make the venture worthwhile for the brokerage…
This video has helped put things in perspective. 1. List domain on all the marketplaces, 2. set up a landing page and seamless sales process. Thanks again.

Ray Makara says:

Hi Michael. Thanks for ALL of these great videos and insights…I really appreciate the information! You mentioned Efty in this video. I've been looking into that platform, but I have a question…Since Efty isn't a "marketplace" (I know you can create you're own domain marketplace there) like Flippa is, how would you drive traffic to your Efty sale pages and/or marketplace if you don't have an email list? I'm asking because to me, getting traffic (and eyes) on your available domains is key, and I don't know how to do that. Thanks!

J Caprio says:

Great job. Very helpful. Thank you

MultiECommerce says:

Thanks Mike!, please, how can I download the checklist, I already subscribed before. also it's not in the post.

Wes Amann says:

Michael – Great Post/Video.  Probably the best and most succinct advice I have received regarding how best to SELL my domains.  Thank you.

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