Why Don't My Domains Sell? How Do I Sell My Domains FAST? Why Won't a Broker Sell My Domains?

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1. Why Don’t My Domains Sell?
2. Why Won’t a Broker Sell My Domains?
3. How Do I Sell My Domains FAST?

I answered these three questions on this DNAcademy social hour.



what about SEDO? a good place to sell ?

Data Big says:


In regards to your statement on the sale of ghbank.com sold for $15,000, you claimed "who is gonna go out and register every.. ya know.. 52 permutations of these domain names to try and get the next $15,000 sale…"

There are actually 676 permutations between aabank.com and zzbank.com so the correct number would have been "675" permutations. I am surprised no one commented.


note: 26 letters in english (american) alphabet.. 26*26= 676
676- 1 (gh) = 675 permutations

Lee Knights says:

Great video! I have a number of domains listed on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twiter account and also have them listed on my website thewebsiteseller.com. I haven't sold a thing yet. I was thinking of running paid ads but not sure whether to or not. What do you personally think about doing all this? Would it be better to just advertise on Sedo and Afternic instead?

Nina Adams says:

Glad to see everyone- yup- I need to do some liquidating of my own.. … I’ve got my work cut of for me… wish me luck!

pimacaos says:

Hi Michael, I understood it's recommended when using BIN for price it has to be done on only one marketplace, right?

sunil aryan says:

Great video as usual, Michael.


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